Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring and sun

Today was going to be a post about shaving cream painting.....but the sun came out so we went outside instead.  I wasn't sure if it was going to be a long trip out because yesterdays attempt lasted 30 minutes and Little Monkey was cold!  The sun came out in full force and we had so much fun exploring.  Little Cousin came over to play as well.  As soon as Little Princess woke up from her nap she was out with us too.  We spent the morning drawing on the fence with chalk and digging for worms.  We have a good size garden that hasn't been touched all winter, so I thought, why not let the boys help me dig it out.  I knew if I just asked them to help me dig it up, it would never happen.  As soon as I mentioned that there might be worms, Little Monkey was over there so fast!  Little Cousin was perfectly happy watching from afar as we found more and more worms.  Little Monkey insisted on picking them up with his bare hands....ewww.   After I got over the initial shock, I too was picking up worms with my bare hands.  The mocking ('you don't need a shovel silly mommy') from Little Monkey probably helped me get over my squeamishness towards the worms.  We talked about what worms eat (dirt....and sometimes mommies veggies) and we also had to have a conversations about being gentle.  There are some wounded worms in our garden now!
It was so nice to get out side and run around and not worry about making a mess or trying to clean everything up right away.  I am going to start stock piling outside fun ideas this weekend so when the sun shows up again we will have new exciting things to try!

Tomorrow I have shaving cream painting on the to-do list.  If the sun is out in full force again, it might have to be put off until I need a Rainy Day Distraction :)

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