Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall Leaves

Today we had a lot of fun with scissors!  Little Monkey learned how to use them with one hand just before we left for vacation in the middle of August.  I haven't done anything with him since.  I knew I wanted to do fall leaves and trees with his arm/hand as the tree, so I figured why not get him to cut out the 'leaves' instead of ripping them.  He had so so so much fun!  He did great.  I used foam sheets because they are a little sturdier than regular paper.  The sheets I have are also sticky on the back so I knew we wouldn't have to glue them down.  I cut them into long strips and then Little Monkey cut them into smaller pieces.

After all our leaves were cut out I traced Little Monkey's hand and cut it out to make the tree.  He then glued his tree to a piece of paper and started adding leaves.  He wanted to do more cutting, so we added grass.  I cut out a block of green foam and he made little cuts in it to look like grass. When we put it on display on the front door (because that is where all art should be), I got him to find all the letters in F-A-L-L.  We put them over top of our fall tree!  

This was such a fun activity to do.  We are going to do one with Little Princess when she wakes up from her nap.  She had to go down just after we started.  Little Monkey has assured me he will help her.

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