Sunday, February 10, 2013

Home made stamps

I just noticed I said I would do this post yesterday....sorry.  Better late than never right!? :)
This one was pretty easy and Little Monkey and Little Cousin had lots of fun with it.  Little Princess just tried to eat the she got some different ones.
I have an over abundance of plastic lids.  I keep saving them thinking I will do something with them and well now I am finally doing something!  I have a lot of foam stickers as well, so I just stuck them to the top of the lid and voila stamps.

I have a great ink pad from Melissa and Doug.  All the ink is washable and comes off really easy.  I started of with red construction paper, but the stamps didn't show up very well so we switched to white cardstock.  

Now I get to use 'my' stamps because I tried to eat the other ones! :)

I decided to do up some letter stamps as well.  It took me longer than I would like to admit to figure out I had to flip the stamps to get the letters come out the right way!  I stamped out three Valentine's words and thought it would be a great activity for Little Monkey and I to work on letters.  I had the sheets pre-stamped.  I laid out the sheets and stamps for Little Monkey.  I got him to tell me all the letters and then he had to find them and stamp underneath.  He did so great with this activity.  He did notice that some of the letters were 'funny'.  I told him we had to do that so they would show up the right way on the paper, and he seemed satisfied with that explanation.  

Up next foot print / heart butterflies!

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