Thursday, March 21, 2013

Easter fun

Well Easter is coming up really fast!  I am not sure how I feel about Easter at the end of March!  Little Monkey had his last day of preschool until after spring break today and it just sunk in that he is home all next week with no activities to go to.  I need to get planning! :)  We have already started a few Easter themed things around our house and I plan on doing many more before next weekend.  I made an Easter themed sensory tub last weekend and the kids have been loving it.  I did however underestimate how much of a mess easter 'grass' can make!  The kids really love it though, so it can stay until next weekend!

It worked out perfectly that I already had everything for it.  The bunnies hanging on the side are like A Barrel of Monkeys but bunnies instead (they are so much fun), the bunnies laying in the grass are stretchy ones, the picture of the bunnies on eggs are memory cards that are hidden throughout the tub, and there are also blue and pink dyed dried beans in there.  I kept the plastic Easter eggs out because Little Princess loves to stick them in her mouth and I don't want her to choke on them!
Up next we are doing letter and colour matching with plastic Easter eggs.

Friday, March 8, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Sensory Bin

I brought out the new themed sensory bin today.  The kids loved it.  I think I am going to add to it.  I added some rainbow coloured beads.  Little Monkey and Little Princess really liked the beads, but our extra Princess still likes to put things in her we took them out for now.

Little Monkey really liked the beaded necklaces and tried to hog them for himself.  I convinced him he should share them.  He really liked wearing them and then finding places all over the house he could hang them from.  They hang really nice off the light switches.  That is the only way he is turning off lights today.  He went around and turned all our lights on and used the necklaces to turn them back off.
Little Princess really liked beading.  I think we need to do more of it.  Maybe I will do some beading and make rainbows.  Now I have to think about how to make that possible!  Weekend project :)

Tissue paper shamrocks round 2

We did tissue paper shamrocks again today.  Little Princess and our extra Princess got to join in this time.  They had lots of fun.  I let Little Monkey cut the tissue paper.  He really likes using scissors and I thought this would be great practice for him.  Little Princess couldn't be left out, so she got to rip the tissue paper.  We had lots of fun scrunching the tissue paper up into little balls.  Little Princess gave up on this pretty early on, so the kids had snack while I finished scrunching.  

I ended up putting the glue on the shamrocks for the kids just to make things go a little smoother.  Little Monkey ended up doing a few of them.  He did them pretty fast and wasn't interested in trying to taste the glue like the two Princess's!  Once they are fully dry we are going to string them up and put our shamrock garland on the fireplace.  Little Monkey was very excited that his work was going to be a decoration.  

Next week we are going to be doing lots of rainbows and pots 'o' gold!  

We got them up!  I think they look great :)

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

18 lucky days....a few days late!

Yikes, it is already March 6th!  Where has the time gone?!  We did a bunch of fun St. Patrick's Day crafts last year that I will link up.  We will being doing some of them again, because Little Princess didn't get a chance to do them.  We will also be doing some new ones!  I am in the process of putting together our sensory bin.  Once it is done (most likely on the weekend) I will post some pictures.
I have been featured over at Triple T Mum.  I am very excited about it.  It is my first time being featured! Here are a few links to some of the things we did last year:
Marble Painting 
Button Rainbow
Shamrock Handprints
Tissue Paper Shamrocks (We are going to do this one tomorrow)

I am trying to do something fun everyday, but I might not get posts up on the weekends.  I have started back at work (just weekends) and I am still trying to find my groove!