Thursday, May 2, 2013

Flowers everywhere

I found these flowers a few years ago at the dollar store.  They just resurfaced.  When I took them out of the container I realized that the flowers also included all the things to make necklaces.  YAY!  Little Princess has been taking all my necklaces and wearing them all over the place so I thought this would be a fun thing for her to do.  It turns out the string was really floppy and the holes were really small.  I ended up melting the end of string to make to go through the flowers.  It ended up being a Little Monkey and Mommy project.  Little Monkey really liked it and decided it should be a family necklace. Right now Little Princess is running around putting it on everyone.  I think I am going to do some colour matching with the flowers for Little Princess later.

Tomorrow might be a beach day so I don't think I will post anything.....unless I make a beach scavenger hunt tonight. :)

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