Sunday, September 8, 2013

Fall leaves round 2

Well the sun has come out in full force so a lot of what I had planned has been put on the back burner.  We have been outside as much as possible lately.  On one of our walks the other day we brought some buckets to collect some leaves.  The kids had lots of fun finding the leaves they likes the most. Little Princess lost most of her bucket a few times, but it didn't seem to phase her.  She also came back with way more rocks than Little Monkey.  We have also seen a lot of slugs lately on our walks....yuck!  The kids seem to love them though.  (Sorry about the picture camera and I are fighting)

'Look Mom, a G!'

With all the leaves we collected I figured we could make fall trees.  They had lots of fun with this one.  Little Princess's favourite part was painting the glue on.  I think we might need to do more painting in the near future.  I also under estimated how big the leaves were.  I think they still turned out cute. :)

Today we picked a bunch of acorns so now I have to go think of something to do with them. :)

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