Thursday, February 16, 2012

Scavenger Hunt

Little Monkey LOVES to be outside.  He loves it so much he will start asking at 6 am when he wakes up!  We try and get out a little bit each day (don't worry we all have really good rain gear).  I love watching him explore.  We spend lots of time on walks and I was trying to think of something to encourage us to talk more about what we see.  Then it hit me!  Why not make a scavenger hunt for him to find stuff we see all the time.  He loves it!
I printed it off and laminated it so when if it starts to rain we are fine.  I also bring a dry erase marker with us so we can check off things as we find them.  I have also turned it into a counting game.  We put a check mark every time we see one and when we get home we count them all up to see how many we saw.  This has become a great conversation starter.  We talk about size and colour.  Every time we find the fire hydrant Little Monkey must tell me 'that is where dogs poop mommy'.  Well at least he is paying attention!
Here is a link to download the Scavenger Hunt.
I hope you enjoy it.
It is raining today so I am off to make an indoor scavenger hunt for Little Monkey!


  1. "This is where dogs poop..." HAHAHA! Love those little ones and what they come up with. The scavenger hunt is a great idea! Thanks for the inspiration. And for joining us in the Kids Co-Op this week.

  2. Thanks for having me! What a great way to share ideas!