Thursday, February 23, 2012


Well Little Monkey and Little Princess are keeping us on our toes and keeping me off of here!  Little Monkey came down with an ear infection last week and Little Princess may have whooping cough this week!  We are ready to rid the house of sickness (and get some sleep).  In the middle of all this sickness we got our new carpet put in!  It looks great!  Now we just need everyone feeling better so we can get all our stuff moved back up!
Since I haven't posted or created in a while I thought I would give a little pre-view to what I am planning for us to do in March.
There will be veggie stamping, handprint clovers, rainbows, shamrocks, and cookies galore!  I am also working on a green tutu for Little Princess.  I will try and get some templates created this weekend so they are ready as March begins.
March is going to be full of green, St. Patricks Day, Leprechauns, and so much fun!
I am also starting to plan out April and Easter fun.
So many ideas, so little time. :)

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