Saturday, March 10, 2012


I will probably have quite a few posts over the next week because I have a lot planned.  Little Princess was in the hospital for almost a week so that is why there hasn't been any recent posts.  We are back and feeling better and ready to get creating.
Shamrocks are the theme of today!  This morning we got to lace shamrocks.  We used foam shamrocks and pipe cleaners.  I got the foam shamrocks at the dollar store.  They came in plain green and sparkly green.  I am saving the plain green ones for another fun activity for next week.   Have I mentioned my love of the dollar store?!?!  I will save that for a whole other post. :)  I just used a small hole punch to punch little holes around the outside.  Some shamrocks had lots of holes and some had just a few. Little Monkey did great with it.  He had lots of fun repeating, 'pull, pull, pull' over and over again each time he put the pipe cleaner into a new hole.  We started out with me holding the shamrock until he got the hang of it.  He has now done 5 of them all by himself.  I think we might be ready to move onto string or ribbon to lace from now on.  I will keep that in mind for Easter ideas.  This afternoon we are doing shamrock hand prints.  I will get as many pictures of that as I can.  I am hoping to get Little Princess in on this one.  I am guessing the camera might be a little green by the end of the day.


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