Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Easter Egg Painting

Today we did some painting with plastic Easter eggs.  It was so much fun.
I have a lot of the plastic Easter you think I could find all of them to do matching colours...nope!  Oh well, we still had lots of fun :)

I started off by watering down in the paint so it would come out of the eggs easier.  As I started to put the paint in the eggs I realised that there are holes at both ends of the eggs and I was getting messy!  I could only imagine how messy the boys were going to get.  Then it hit me....tape over one end.  Crisis adverted.  Fill up the small half of the egg with the paint. I found if you didn't put enough in it would just coat the inside of the egg and not much else would come out onto the paper.

I figured this would be the perfect craft for our trays!  It made clean up so easy.  I set the boys up and showed them the holes and how to shake.  They went to town and had so much fun!  Watch out, too much shaking does cause the eggs to pop open.  Little Monkey would laugh and laugh every time his popped open.  He has no problem getting messy!  I am trying to figure out if it would work with puffy paint.  Maybe that will be a naptime experiment! :)

Up next salt 'painting'.  I am very excited about this one!  

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