Friday, March 30, 2012

Salt 'painting'

Salt painting is the best way I could describe the fun project we did this morning.  Little Monkey and I had done something similar in the fall with leaves, but I remember thinking the colours were more spring/Easter like.
Both boys really had fun with this one.  I did most of the prep last night in hopes it would go a little more smoothly (and it did).  You start off with salt, different coloured chalk, and baggies.  I buy my salt from the dollar store because all I use it for is crafts.  Pour some salt into your baggies and put a piece (or pieces) of chalk into in and close it up.  Now SHAKE, SHAKE, SHAKE!  It might take some time but your salt will turn the colour of your chalk.  If you find it isn't put it in a bigger bag.

I lucked out and my husband happened to bring home some little plastic dixie cups.  They worked perfectly for all the different colours.  I usually use empty apple sauce containers or whatever small containers I have laying around.  I put in a little teaspoon for the boys to pour the salt onto their pictures.  I think next time I will try and get shakers of some sort as most of the salt just got piled.  I decided to put the pattern on the egg myself.  If you have older children they could probably design something themselves.  Little Monkey gets a little crazy when you let him have glue and I envisioned him squeezing all of it into one big pile :)  I gave the boys their eggs and gave them a quick demonstration.  They had lots of fun.  They mostly just piled the salt and at the end we dumped out the remaining salt all over the picture.  We then shook all the extra salt off and set it aside to dry.

I really like how they turned out.  The colours are a little more vibrant in real life.  I am hoping it won't all fall off when it dries.....I will keep you posted.  
Next up is bunnies and Easter lacing.  

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  1. oooh thanks for sharing this on Kids Co-op. I didn't know how to colour salt before - now I do - sooooo many possibilities, where to start!