Thursday, March 15, 2012

Shamrock Hand Prints

We got to the shamrock hand prints early.  I have the pleasure of watching Little Monkey and Little Princess' Little Cousin!  (wow that was a lot of little's)   Little cousin is such a sweetie and is right in the middle (age wise) of my two.  We had lots of fun with this craft.  I didn't end up painting their thumbs as they don't like to close their fingers when pressing them to the paper.  I thought it might look a little more like an inverted daisy than a shamrock :)  We also added some sparkles because that is always fun.  We will be sparkly for days now.  I really like how they turned out.  This is one that I have never tried before and we had lots of fun doing it.  I am a fan of painting the kids hands myself instead of letting them dip their hands in the paint.  I only do it this way when there is a specific part of the hand (or foot) that needs to be painted.  We do lots of plain old finger painting as well.  I let Little Monkey and Little Cousin to paint the stem on by themselves.  Sorry about the Christmas paper plates.  We use paper plates a lot when painting so I tend to stock up when they are on sale.  The sparkles I got from the dollar store (see I am there all the time).  They are perfect because they have little holes in the top so the sparkles don't come out all at once.  They also fit perfectly into toddler's hands.
It is going to be a busy weekend.  I am working on an adorable outfit for Little Princess.  I am also going to attempt to make puffy paint and finger paint.

Next up for the blog is a button rainbow.

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