Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tissue paper shamrocks

We ventured into tissue paper this afternoon when Little Cousin was over.
I started off by tracing a foam shamrock.  I did 2 because they weren't very big.  If you have older children, they could do the tracing themselves.
I cut the tissue paper into strips before hand to make things go smoothly.  I find it easier when I am doing a craft to have most everything done ahead of time :)  I let both boys scrunch up the tissue paper.  (I didn't get a picture of this because I was also scrunching with them)  We made loud sound effects each time we scrunched and we also did some extra ripping.  We used a glue stick and rubbed it all over the shamrocks and stuck our scrunched up tissue paper on top.  It was fun to see their faces at the shamrock filled up with colour!  They were very excited when they finished.

I love using tissue paper because it adds a nice textural element to craft time and it isn't too much of a pain to clean up.  I thought about using sparkles but then I thought of the crazy clean up after....I went with tissue paper :)  Another good thing to invest in are trays.  Like the ones you put your food on at a fast food restaurant.  I got mine at the dollar store (big surprise!).  They are great for keeping messes somewhat contained.  I will get a picture of ours in use when we do some painting tomorrow.
Next up for the blog, marble painting, veggie stamping, and green inspired food for St. Patrick's Day!

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