Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring ideas

Now that St. Patrick's Day is over and March 20th has passed, fun spring ideas can come flowing out.  Easter is early this year.  Only 2 more weeks to do fun Easter crafts.  Some of the things we are going to be using around here are:
-Plastic Easter eggs
-Tissue paper
- Foam Easter egg and bunny shapes
- Paint
-Ribbon, buttons, and stickers
-Water table
I have been working on letters with Little Monkey and am always looking for fun new ways to do it.  He catches on quickly and realizes when I am trying to get him to work on something.  I have a bunch of foam letters from the dollar store so I made up a fun Easter inspired sheet with some letters on it.  I am going to put the foam letters into the plastic Easter eggs and hide them around.  He will have to find them and then match the letter to the one on the sheet!
I made a sheet with letters and one without.  So you can use the one with letters and just print it out twice, cut out the letters and put them in the eggs to be discovered and matched, or you can write out your own.
I hope everyone is having a great start to spring.  We had snow....but the sun is shining now.  Such weird weather we are having!
Easter Letter find (with letters)
Easter Letter Find2 (without letters)

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