Friday, April 6, 2012

Shaving cream and paint!

We finally got to our shaving cream and paint project!  I have to say, this was one of my favourites so far. I love the colours and it was pretty easy.
Materials: (I got all but the squeegee at the dollar store......really I should get something for all the advertising I do for them)  :)
Shaving cream
Acrylic Paint
Card stock (or any heavier weight paper)
Paint brush, spoon, or toothpick
Squeegee (I washed off the one we use for our windows.  You could probably use a piece of stiff cardboard in its place if you don't have one.)

Next we sprayed the shaving cream all over the tray and smoothed it out with a spoon.  It was brought to my attention that if you are doing this with little ones you could use whipping cream.  That way if they put it in their mouths it isn't too bad.  *If you do use whipping cream, leave me a comment and let me know how it works.*

Then we added our paint.  Little Monkey really liked doing this part.  Once the paint was on we used the handle of another spoon and swirled all the colours together.  Once they were somewhat mixed we pressed our paper into it.  We did two pieces of paper.  One I traced a bunny and an egg on and the other one I just left blank.  I didn't let Little Monkey see what I had traced on the paper in hopes of surprising him later.

Once we pressed the paper into the shaving cream I took the paper off and laid it on the table.  I let it 'dry' for about 5 minutes.  That gave me enough time to clean off the tray so I had a space to take all the shaving cream off!  After about 5 minutes I used my squeegee to remove the shaving cream from the paper.  Little Monkey got very excited when he saw that there was a bunny and an egg underneath all the shaving cream.

I absolutely love how this turned out. The colours are great and once the shaving cream was off the paper it dried so fast!  I really liked the idea of surprising Little Monkey with an outline on the paper.  This is one of those projects I am going to bring out again and again.  
I hope everyone has a great Easter.  We are decorating eggs tomorrow night.  Oh and a tip for decorating eggs with little ones.....put the egg in a whisk!  The egg will be contained so there is less of a mess trying to get the egg out of the dye.  I will post pictures of Little Monkey and Little Princess using this technique.

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