Friday, October 12, 2012

Apple stamping

It seems fall has decided to settle down and stay for a while.  I was not fully prepared.  Today was full of a mix of things.  We did some apple painting and coloured with apple shaped crayons (we made them the other day and I forgot to get pictures), and lastly we played handy man.
It was a fun way to spend the day indoors.  Plus we got to have apples for a snack as well....not the ones we painted with though :)
Little Monkey sure loved painting with the apples.  He really liked that we finally got to use the 'farkly' (sparkly, he is still having trouble with his 'sp' sounds). Little Princess couldn't really grab the apples so she got to colour with the apple crayons, which she tried to eat.  So next time, snack FIRST and then craft time.

Little Monkey has been very interested in hammering and 'fixing' things lately.  When he was visiting his grampy's this summer they let him use real power tools.  He had so much fun, but I don't really want to use power tools in the house with him.  We had a big piece of styrofoam in the recycling from something we had bought, so I thought why not make it a work bench.  We raided Daddy's golf tee's and borrowed a hammer from another toy and get to work.  We even had a hard hat.  Little Princess got in on this one as well.  It would have worked better with two hammers and two pieces of styrofoam...oh well, next time!  I think maybe some tools might be a good idea for Little Monkey for Christmas!  

Up next, fall leaf counting!


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