Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas craft idea's

I have been busy with craft fairs lately!  I thought I would share some of the Christmas crafts we do around here!  We have lots of fun and I usually think of something new after the holiday's are over.  I will have to keep an open list of everything I want to do!

Craft idea’s for toddlers & preschoolers

1 - Fork painting.  We make Christmas Trees by painting with forks.  It gives the illusion of needles.....well it is supposed to.  I cut out a shape of a tree before hand and gave the kids green paint and a fork.  After it dried we decorated the tree with stickers and pom poms.  I glued it to a toilet paper roll and they went on our hutch :)

2 - Felt Christmas tree and ornaments.  I got a large piece of green felt and cut it into a tree shape and cut out ornaments out of other felt.  This was the tree the kids could decorate over and over again.  I just used painter’s tape to attach it to the wall.  

3 - Snowman.  I drew a snowman shape on a piece of cardstock and got the kids to fill it in with cotton balls.  I cut out pieces for the face and got the kids to put them on.  This one is a free for all when it comes to the little ones.  If you are looking for a snowman with its face all in the right place, this might now be a toddler activity :)  Oh and it is messy with the glue and cotton balls....but the kids had so much fun!

4 - Stars.  I hot glued popsicle sticks in a star shape.  I let the preschoolers spread the glue on themselves and for the toddlers I put it on prior to giving it to them.  Then I let them go to town with glitter!  I have trays that they do their crafts on so most of the glitter stays contained to the tray.  After they are dry I mod podge them so there isn’t glitter everywhere once they are on the tree.

5 - Felt boards.  There are so many different things you can do with felt boards.  We have a snowman right now.  This is more geared towards preschoolers but Little Princess likes to take it all apart and put it all back on the board.  

6 - Hand and foot print reindeer. Trace hands for antlers and a foot for the face.  Add eye’s and a nose.

7 - Foot print angels. Paint the bottom of a foot white and stamp onto black paper.  Once dry cut out and attach a cut doily as wings.  Add a face and halo if you would like :)

8 - Salt dough prints - This one can be done in so many ways.  Hands and feet on their own, or made into something else.  Such a great way to see how much your kids have grown over the years!

9 - Cookies.  This is one of my favourites and the kids love doing it.  We bake sugar cookies and then decorate them!  We do it after supper on a night that daddy can participate.  

10 - I See.... pages.  I make these up often.  I just type up I See _________ looking at me, 4 or 5 times on a page.  I print it out put stickers into the blank spots and photocopy it and we match.  

11 - Christmas activity cards.  We have a lot of different themed ones.  They are a great way to let off steam on those days you are stuck inside.  They are also a good reminder to get on the floor with little ones and have fun :)

12 - Books.  We read a lot of books.  I keep the Christmas ones put away until Christmas so they are new and exciting.  We have about 25 just Christmas themed ones so I love when they come out and I have something different to read.  We usually get the kids a new one every year ( or a grandparent does).  We have a few snowman ones and I use those with our felt board.  We build a snowman along with the book.

13 - Songs!  We sing songs about everything!  We finally got some new Christmas music cd’s for the kids so I am excited to bring those out.   

14 - Snowflake.  I used painters tape to make a snowflake shape on a piece of cardstock and then let the kids go to town with paint.  Once it dried I took the tape off. 

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