Friday, March 8, 2013

Tissue paper shamrocks round 2

We did tissue paper shamrocks again today.  Little Princess and our extra Princess got to join in this time.  They had lots of fun.  I let Little Monkey cut the tissue paper.  He really likes using scissors and I thought this would be great practice for him.  Little Princess couldn't be left out, so she got to rip the tissue paper.  We had lots of fun scrunching the tissue paper up into little balls.  Little Princess gave up on this pretty early on, so the kids had snack while I finished scrunching.  

I ended up putting the glue on the shamrocks for the kids just to make things go a little smoother.  Little Monkey ended up doing a few of them.  He did them pretty fast and wasn't interested in trying to taste the glue like the two Princess's!  Once they are fully dry we are going to string them up and put our shamrock garland on the fireplace.  Little Monkey was very excited that his work was going to be a decoration.  

Next week we are going to be doing lots of rainbows and pots 'o' gold!  

We got them up!  I think they look great :)

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