Thursday, June 21, 2012

Busy morning

We have had an eventful and busy morning so far today!  I have enrolled little Monkey into preschool for the fall and I figured we should work on things like taking turns and sharing.  :)  What every 2 (almost 3) year old wants to do, right?!  I dug around for a little while until I found so of my activity cards I used when I taught reading to children with special needs.  I forgot how much fun they were.

I put them upside down and we took turns picking a card and telling everyone what it said.  I love the pictures because it was really easy for Little Monkey to figure out what all the actions were!  I remember making a bunch of themed ones, so I will have to go on a hunt for them.  
Next on our agenda this morning was working on our letters.  Little Monkey has been stubborn with working on his letters so I was trying to think of something new and exciting that we haven't done before.  I dug out his personalized alphabet cards that I made him and decided to make a matching game with all the magnetic letters we have on our front door.

I put all the alphabet cards upside down and Little Monkey picked one and had to find that letter on the door and bring it back to put it on the card.  He did great and didn't seem to realize I was making him work on his letters :)
It turns out driving his semi-truck to the door was the best way to find the letters!

Little Cousin is also here this morning, so I wanted to do something geared more towards his as well.  They had most of the hot wheels cars out so I figured why not do some matching based on colour.  We have some coloured rings from a ring toss game that worked perfectly.  It turns out we have way more red cars than any other colour!  They had lots of fun driving the cars to their matching colour.  
Do you think we have enough cars???

What a great morning!  We had so much fun. I am now working on a quiet book for Little Monkey.  We are heading for vacation at the end of August, which involves a 2 day car trip, so I figured we might need something to occupy some time!  I think I might make one for Little Princess as well so she doesn't feel left out.

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