Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Colouring the 'snow'

All our freshly fallen snow 'melted' over night.  By melted I mean it rained all night and now we have no snow again. :)  Little Monkey has been very excited about the snow and wants to play in it every time it makes its short appearance.  I figured if there was no snow outside we could make our own inside.  I was trying to think of something that both kids could do, and my baking soda happened to be out on my counter!  Baking soda looks enough like snow and vinegar always makes the best bubbles!  I decided to spice it up a bit and add food colouring the vinegar! *** After we were done I remembered that we dye Easter Eggs with vinegar and food time I will only put one drop of food colouring into the vinegar. :) ***  Little Monkey thought this was the greatest thing!  He was making a rainbow of colours and decided to stick his spoon into all the colours and "look mommy, I made BROWN!'  With the remaining vinegar he requested more baking soda and enjoyed it when the cups over flowed.  Little Princess thought the bubbles were neat and she kept trying to get closer to listen to them!  I think her favourite part was drinking the vinegar when I turned my back.  She thought it was very tasty.  What a silly little girl :)

*Baking soda
*Tray or plate to put the baking soda on
*Container for the vinegar
*Spoon(s) ( I used measuring spoons)
*Food colouring (optional)

 Look Mommy BROWN!

The messier the better!

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