Friday, February 1, 2013

14 days of love

Well January is over and hopefully so is the sickness that invaded our house.  Little Monkey has had a cough that has lasted almost 5 weeks!  We are ready to be healthy and on the go once again.
I have 14 days of Valentine's Day themed crafts to do!  I am so excited about all the 'love'!  Little Monkey is a boy in every sense of the word.  He has never been very cuddly and he is about as rough and tough as you can get.  Little Princess on the other hand is much more free with her cuddles and is much more gentle in general.  She hasn't been too into anything as of yet, but I am using February as an excuse to get my girlie on!
Today we did some painting.  I used painters tape to make a heart in the corner and I let the kids go to town with paint on the paper.

I decided to put the paint right on the paper and let the kids go all out.  I brought paint brushes for Little Monkey and I was going to let Little Princess use her hands, but she wanted to use the paint brushes too!  She really likes using the paint brushes, especially the round one.  Little Monkey was a lot more meticulous about covering his whole paper.  Little Princess ended up covering her whole paper by accident...her sleeve did most of the work. :)

Once they were dry, I took the tape off and voila!  I think I am going to write their names in the hearts and the date.  I really liked how they turned out.

Tomorrow we are doing some sequencing with stamps!  

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