Thursday, February 7, 2013

Heart Scavenger Hunt

We had a very busy afternoon and evening today!  We did enough for 2 blog posts, so I will be caught up. :)
The sun came out in full force this afternoon.  I figured we better get out in it before it goes away!  Little Monkey said he wanted to go for a walk in the forest, so that is what we did.  I thought it might be fun to look for heart shape objects while we were out.  I told Little Monkey we were going on an adventure to find as many hearts as we could.  Once I showed him an example he was off and running. He found hearts in all sorts of objects.  It was fun to see him get all excited every time he found a heart. Little Princess had fun following behind picking up rocks and leaves.  She had a perfect heart shaped rock at one point but wouldn't let me take a picture of it.  She lost it somewhere along the trail.  It turns out Daddy is a lot more abstract than the rest of us! :) He kept seeing hearts in fences and tree's that no one else could see.

It was a great way to spend an afternoon!  Hopefully the sun will be out again tomorrow and we can head to the park!

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