Saturday, February 23, 2013

Splish Splash!

I forgot how much fun a water table is!  I couldn't find my bigger bucket that I usually use so we had to settle for a smaller one.  I brought in Little Monkey's train table (it was in the garage) and set a towel over it and bigger rubbermaid lid on top to catch all the water that somehow comes out.  Our train table isn't the best, so I wouldn't advise using yours if you have a really nice one.  The water will soak through the towel and you can ruin the surface.  I also couldn't find my plastic table cloth that I usually put under the table.  I think it might have been put in with our camping things.  We just put towels under and they worked fine.  I let Little Monkey pick a colour to make the water.  He chose green.  You can't really see it because it is a blue tub.  I just used a bunch of kitchen utensils and a few little object we had laying around.

I put old tee-shirts on the kids to keep their regular clothes dry.  I even remembered to take their socks off!  The shirts were pretty long and managed to keep their pants relatively dry.  

The kids had so much fun with this.  I already have an Easter themed one figured out.   
Less than a week until 18 Lucky Days starts!   

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