Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hearts and buttons

We have Little Cousin over for the weekend so we have been pretty busy.  We did manage to make button hearts though.  Sorry the pictures are a little dark, we did it after supper.  Little Monkey has loved anything we get to make with buttons since we did the button rainbow last year.  I made a button heart on my LOVE canvas I did so I figured it would be fun to do with the kids.
As soon as I brought out the buttons Little Monkey was all over helping me.  He helped me pick out red and white buttons.  I couldn't find my pink ones so we added in some pompoms.  I cut the hearts out of felt.  The kids had lots of fun with this one.  Little Monkey and Little Cousin put their own glue on, I did it for Little Princess.  This was a pretty quick and easy craft and the kids really seemed to have fun with it.

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