Thursday, February 7, 2013

Heart stamping

I have seen this idea floating around pinterest for a while....but I didn't pin it.  I found it, I found it!  Check out the heart stamp inspiration.
Heart stamping using toilet paper rolls.  Ever since Little Monkey became fully toilet trained we seem to go through way more toilet paper than ever before!  I have a few stashed away for a rainy day :)   I made some hearts using tape to keep the shape in place and the other oneI just left it.

This was pretty easy for Little Monkey but he still really enjoyed all the stamping.  Little Princess thought this was the greatest thing!  She said 'whoa' when she first put the toilet paper roll to the paper.  she stamped for about 15 minutes.  I figured this would be more geared towards Little Princess and it was nice to see her have lots of fun with it.  

Up next heart lacing.  

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