Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sensory bin

I made up a Valentine's themed sensory bin last night.  I had lots of fun doing this one!  My husband tested it out for the kids.....he had more fun than he will admit.  I had everything already at home, so it came together pretty easily.  I coloured the rice by putting it in a ziplock bag with some food colouring and a little vinegar.  I shook it like crazy.  I really like that some of the rice stayed white.

Coloured rice, tongs, heart stickers, heart containers, funnel, heart cookie cutters, heart bangles,  heart jewels, and red popsicle sticks. 
I brought it out after Little Monkey had gone to preschool and it was just Little Princess and I.  She loved the heart jewels and played with them the most.  I had it on the kids little table, but I decided it would be easier for Little Princess and I to play with it on the floor!

I left it on the table for when Little Monkey got home from preschool.  He thought it was the coolest thing.  I showed him how to put the rice in the heart containers and make shakers out of them.  It was a great activity for them to do while I got lunch ready.  Little Princess was pretty good about keeping the rice in the container....both of them together made for a lot of rice on the floor!  They had lots of fun and were giggling while playing, so I will take a mess with giggles any day!

This is something we are going to keep out for a while.  The kids loved in and keep going back to it to play some more!  
I redid my math.....I am actually 2 days behind!  I will do 2 posts today and hopefully 2 tomorrow!
Up next heart stamping. 

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