Friday, February 22, 2013

Move it, move it!

We have quite a few action cards around here.  I really like them because they get us up and moving and it gives the kids a chance to run around and act silly with me! :)  I noticed we didn't have any animal ones so I made some up.  Little Princess really likes animals right now and knows most of their sounds.  I figured it would be a great activity to keep her interest.
Animal Action Cards
The kids loved these animal cards.  We did them a few times through. I didn't get many pictures because I was participating.  It was too much fun not to! :)
Little Princess slithering like a snake.

Little Monkey slithering like a snake.
I should have done 'Walk like a crab' instead of 'Pinch like a crab' because they do a pretty hilarious crab walk.  
We also played in our water table today.  I will post about that after the kids are in bed.

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