Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Fun at the park

The sun came out this morning so off we headed to the park.  I didn't get any pictures today because we were having so much fun playing, but I wanted to share all the fun things we did.  This particular park is right by the water and across the street from a great walking path.  We decided to go for a walk first to see if we could see any sea planes taking off.  We collected rocks and sticks to throw off the bridge (it is just a platform/dock that goes out in the water) when we got to it.  Little Monkey had lots of fun running around trying to find the best rocks and sticks.  Little Princess spent most of the walk in the stroller just chilling out.  She did get out to throw some rocks in the water and run around on the grass.  After we had decided that was enough rocks we headed to the park.  We lucked out and were the only family at the park.  We did lots of running and chasing each other around.  I was Captain Hook trying to capture Little Monkey.  The sand was prefect for making tracks in.  I made a long squiggly line for Little Monkey and Little Princess to walk on.   They were quite funny trying not to fall off the line.  Once Little Monkey dove off once Little Princess fell over and started giggling.  Little Princess is so funny because she loves to play outside but she hates to get her hands dirty.  It is one of the funniest things I have seen, watching her try and get up off the ground not using her hands so they don't get dirty.  While Little Princess was climbing up the big toy to go down the slide Little Monkey and I were playing in the sand making letters.  I would 'draw' one with my foot and we would step back and say what it was and then look for something around us starting with that letter.  Little Monkey would then walk on it and when he was finished he would erase it for me to make another one.  We did T (Tree), S (Slide), C (Caterpillar), B (Boat), and R (Rock).  I think I am going to make another scavenger hunt sheet for the kids.  It will be a park themed one.  When I finish it I will link it up.
We have another Little Princess spending a few days with us this week so we are going to be doing some fun toddler themed ideas to end the week!

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