Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I have done crayons lots with the kids.  I thought it would be a fun idea to do heart crayons for Little Monkey to take to all his friends at school for Valentines Day.  Little Monkey really likes to help with making crayons.  His favourite part is breaking them after he gets the paper off.  Today he told me ' I can break them because I have strong muscles from eating good food.' So cute!
I used new crayons because we don't have enough broken ones to make many new ones at all.  I would advise using Crayola crayons.  I have done them before with dollar store ones and they came out chalking and quite a bit of wax on the top.  I use a knife to get the paper off.  This is a Mommy job only.  :)  Heat the oven to 200 (F).  I put parchment paper down on a cookie sheet to catch any that might overflow.  Put them in for 25-30 minutes and they should be all melted. If they aren't just give them a few more minutes.  Let them cool for at least an hour.  I put them in the garage because it is cooler so they set faster. :)  Make sure they aren't still warm when you go to pop them out.  If they are still warm they will break coming out.

Now onto packaging.  This was my favourite!  I found the boxes at the dollar store.  They are so cute.  I had the shredded paper (also from the dollar store) for Christmas.  I found the printable labels here.  I cut off the to/from part and we stamped hearts with Little Monkeys thumbs on the back.  I absolutely love how they turned out.  

Tomorrow is my last day of 14 Days of Love and I am going to end it with one of my favourites, FOOD!  I have lots of fun snacks planned for tomorrow.  Oh and we have another Little Cousin coming over for the day.  Lots of fun!

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