Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's snacks

Sorry this one is a day late.  Little Princess is pretty sick so we have been having extra cuddles.
We had so many fun snacks and food yesterday.  Little Monkey loved the french toast first thing in the morning.  It was a preschool day so I had to get up a little early but it was worth it!  I just used a heart cookie cutter to cut out the centre and filled it with heart shaped strawberries.  I also put a little pink food colouring in Little Monkey's milk.

Up next was lunch.  I was a little stuck on what to do.  I had deli ham in the fridge and a block of cheese.  I have to say the cheese was the hardest to cut.  I had to cut a smaller size chunk and then cut in width wise to make it so I didn't end up with a lump size heart!  The kids loved it!  They were pretty excited that their food was all heart shaped.  I even managed to get the pickles into a (somewhat) heart shape.

Next up was dessert.  I did up sugar cookies for Little Monkey and Little Cousin to do.  They had lots of fun painting (decorating) them.  I didn't get many during pictures because I was trying to encourage them to put the icing on the cookies and not directly in their mouths! :)  
We were going to do cupcakes after supper, but Little Princess woke up feeling yucky so we settled for some books instead.

I did make a counting printable for the boys that we didn't manage to get to, but I wanted to share any way.  It is very similar to the Leaf Counting.  I did up envelopes instead of trees and we were going to add valentine's stickers to the envelopes.  Maybe we will do it next year.

I am going to take a few days off before getting back at it.  I have 18 Lucky Days planned out already and I am almost done planning Easter fun!  I think we will finish off February with some cars and trucks themed fun.  Little Monkey and Little Princess will be very excited about that.
I hope you enjoyed my 14 days of Love, I sure had a lot of fun doing all the fun activities.  If there is something you like to see us try leave a comment, I would love to hear from you. :)

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