Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Monster Fun Pack

In keeping with the monster theme, I made Little Monkey a Monster Love fun pack.  I have made them in a few themes so far, but he really liked this one.   He usually does a few pages and then wants to move on to something else, but he kept asking what else he could do.  This might be a post full of pictures because I did take a lot!
When I print out the pack, I laminate as many pages as I can.  It makes it much more durable and I can wipe them off to do over and over.

Pre-writing page.

Little Monkey still hasn't picked a hand.  He is ambidextrous so far :)

Puzzles are one of his favourites.  I cut them out and laminate them.  If you have a little one just learning puzzles I would print out 2 copies and have them place the cut pieces on top of the solid picture.  

I cut the number off the corresponding objects and Little Monkey has to count the objects and I find the number .

Today we used bingo dobbers to fill in the spots.  We have used pompoms, and laminated them and punched out the dots to do some lacing.  

This one focuses on beginning sounds.  For the heart I told Little Monkey 'heart begins with /h/, what letter makes the /h/ sound?

I hope you enjoy this one as much as we did.  We did this one when Little Princess was sleeping.  She likes to take all the pieces and run away with them. :)  
I just realized that I am a day behind! I will have to double up tomorrow.  
We are doing heart stamping tomorrow.

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