Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Love Monsters

When I saw these Little Love Monsters on Pinterest last week, I knew we had to try them!  Little Monkey is really into monsters right now so I figured it would be perfect.  This was a very hands on craft.  Little Princess was more interested in waving her monster's antenna around than making a monster.  I didn't get too many 'during' shots because I was helping.....and making my own!  Little Princess did end up getting 2 of her googly eyes on her antenna so that was a fun touch!
I was a little stuck as to what I was going to use to attach the googly eyes to the monsters.  I didn't want to use the glue gun because I wanted the kids to do as much as they could on their own.  While I was looking for something I came across the some glue dots that I had for scrapbooking.  They worked perfectly.  I had to cut them down a bit for the smaller eyes, but all in all it worked out great.  I did use the hot glue gun to attach the antenna.  I just had the kids point to where they wanted them to go.

While we are on the theme of monster love, I made up a preschool pack for Little Monkey.  That is what is coming up next.

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